Allure Dance & Fitness Studio is #1 when it comes to providing fun, innovative & effective workouts for Women, Men, Seniors & Kids at all fitness levels. Allure was formed in 2007 by fitness professional Nicole Williams who has been a top recognized & sought after certified personal trainer for over 10 years. Allure brings you Professional & Top Ranking Instructors, Friendly Customer Service, A Family Atmosphere, Affordable Rates and an experience you'll always remember.

If you've been searching for a workout that you'll actually look forward to, then Allure has it. Get in shape, lose unwanted body fat, tone your entire body, and get in touch with your "inner sex goddess" (for the ladies) all in a 30 minute or one hour workout. Anyone can take our classes, no matter what kind of shape your in. All you need is a positive attitude and an open mind. We've heard all the excuses as to why you may think you can't participate: "I have no upper body strength, I'm too old, I'm over weight, I have two left feet, I'm not flexible, I feel so weak, I'm not sexy, I haven't worked out since high school, I can't dance and so on." Guess what? None of that matters. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Venus & Serena Williams and the Alvin Ailey dancers were not stellar athletes when they started in their perspective forms of dance and sport. Everyone started at ground zero.

So Leave your excuses at the door and we'll teach you everything you need to know and how to do it well. Like any other sport or dance form, it takes time & practice. No one is great over night, absolutely no one. All the videos and instructors that you see who look so amazing at their art forms have been doing it for years and believe us, we all looked a hot mess when we started, haha. So embrace those first days, the bad form, feeling goofy & out of shape and every month you'll feel & look like a new person. We guarantee it! If you commit yourself, you'll be amazed at what we can help you accomplish in months and just imagine you'll be looking like the instructors & performers who you always looked up to.

Allure currently offers: Abs & Butt Blast, Barre Blast, Black Swan Ballet, Body Blast, Burlesque Dance, Contemporary/Modern Dance, Deep Stretching & Strength Conditioning, Intro to Pole, Nutritional Weight Loss & Weight Gain Programs, Personal Training, Pin Up Pilates, Pole Playground, Pole Dance Classes for Beginner to Professionals, Private Lessons, Pole Parties & Strip Tease/Exotic Dance & Booty Shakin, Yoga & Zumba. There's literally something for everyone & everything we offer provides an amazing workout where you will burn calories galore while having fun.

Feel Sexy, Strong & Empowered when you join the Ladies of Allure


Founder: Nicole Williams

We now all know this ravishing woman as Nicole ThePole Williams. Nicole is the sexy & famously known pole dancer from the Rihanna Pour it Up Music Video. She also worked as a Stunt Double for Frieda Pinto in Bruno Mars Gorilla Music Video. And due to her mesmerizing work on set, she was asked by Bruno Mars himself to perform in Europe at the 2013 MTV European Music Awards in which they put on a historical performance and wowed Amsterdam.

But If you're from Los Angeles and have wanted to get in shape at some time in the last 10 years, then you've probably heard of Nicole Williams.  She's been a certified and well sought after Personal Trainer for over 10 years.  She's worked with thousands of clients and has trained privately and formerly worked at Bally and 24 Hr Fitness.  She's trained everyone from housewives, athletes and celebrities.  In 2005 she was the co-owner  of a private fitness center in LA called The Fitt Factory.  That gym ran successfully for 2 years before Nicole turned it all in for the pole dancing business. 

She went to a party one day and some ladies were dancing on a pole at the home and she was amazed at the tricks they were doing, so she bought a pole a few months later and said she was going to be good at it. She watched YouTube videos for instruction and within months she was performing advanced pole tricks and getting sexier. “I have never experienced a workout that was so intensifying and exciting”. Pole-dancing came very natural for her due to her being an all around athlete. However, turning a tomboy into a poised sexy lady was quite a challenge for her.  But with practice and determination Nicole transformed herself into a Sexy Pole Dancing Diva. Nicole firmly believes that pole-dancing allowed her to connect with her inner self, and she desperately wanted to share her new found love with others… and thus the conception of Allure began back in 2007. Allure is one the pioneer studios in Los Angeles and Nicole was the first African American Woman in Los Angeles to have a pole dance stuido. Allure opened it's 2nd location in 2012 and is continuing to stay on top of all the dance & fitness trends to keep her studio current and clients engaged with Fun, Sexy, Engaging classes.

In 2007 Allure was formed.  Nicole had deemed her Pole "The New Dumbbell" and was ready to convince everyone of this amazing new workout partner she discovered.  "I knew this was gonna revolutionize the fitness scene and I wanted to be one of the pioneers."  Allure has become one of the most popular studios in Los Angeles.

Please join me and the beautiful & friendly ladies of Allure and as our slogan says..."Feel Sexy, Strong & Empowered"

Watch some of Nicole's Performances below: